Wicked Los Angeles

29/09/2011 20:06

Wicked is a musical based upon the best-selling novel of Gregory Maguire called Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. This great production was staged using the music and lyrics of Stephen Schwartz. It debuted on October 30, 2003 and has since conquered Broadway and its audiences.


This musical is produced by Universal Pictures under the direction of Joe Montello and Wayne Cilento leading the musical staging.Wicked was created to tell the story of the Wicked Witch of the West and how she was originally just a simple and green-faced Elphaba (originally played by Idina Menzel). The story develops and shows the friendship of Elphaba to the Good Witch of the North who is Glinda (played by Kristin Chenoweth). Along the way, this friendship sours as both witches fall for the same guy. Complexities develop as the Wizard enters the scene with his corrupt government. For more info, visit Wicked Los Angeles.


And since this musical is more like a prequel to the classical novel of L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz, it is quite surprising that Elphaba would end up with Fiyero, the love of her life.   There were mixed reactions to the musical, even The New York Times gave its share of criticisms but this did not hamper the production people from moving forward and eventually gaining patrons.Since the Broadway production proved to be successful, there have been productions in other areas like the West End of London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Australia, Tokyo, and Stuttgart.



There were also two tours in North America which made the Wicked cast and crew visit 30 cities in U.S. and Canada.  Wicked broke box office records all over the globe with tickets selling like hotcakes in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London. West End recorded an all-time-high of ¤100,000 just on its first hour of ticket selling during the musical's opening. The musical started with $14,000,000 in capital and it has earned this back by December 21, 2004 just a year after its Broadway premier. The first year alone recorded a gross of $56 million and every week of performance proves to give back a million dollars at least! Wicked continues to break records of other musicals and, amusingly, it also goes on to break its own box office records.


Wicked tickets continue to sell online and on ticket stores in key cities.People are still going crazy over this musical. Indeed, so much has happened before Dorothy arrived in the Land of Oz-and this musical's success is definitely one of the biggest happenings!  For more detailed information, visit Wicked Los Angeles.