Weird People

27/09/2011 19:32


Are you going through a period of heartache and loss after the breakup with your ex? Now that you look back on all the moments you shared together. Do you wish you could go back and change things so they were in your life? How relieved would you feel knowing that you could have your ex back quickly? Damage may have been done before, but no matter how bad things seem, there are some weird bizarre tricks that work very well to get your ex back. 
1. Call Your Ex On The Phone- Tell your ex you are getting a job promotion and leaving town. Sound really excited, confident and act like you would act if you felt "closure" in the relationship. Basically, make your ex feel that you are not in need, or desperate to get them back. When they hear of you leaving to another town, and feeling excited about it, they will feel a sense of sadness and wonder why you do feel so happy. It will make them feel immediately the pain of no longer having you in their life. This will force them to quickly decide if they really want to be without you. Make sure you follow through all the way on this one, and don't give in. Trust that they will plead for you to come back. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Weird People.
2. Flirt With One Of Their Friends- Get close with a friend of your ex's to make them jealous and have more of an emotional impact. They will despise that you are giving one of their friends attention, and showing interest for them. If your ex starts acting controlling or possessive than you know they have feelings and are likely to get back with you. This is a good way to speed up the process and get the desired result that you want. 
3. Do Something Totally Unexpected- Dye your hair a really weird color, buy a colorful set of clothes and a clown nose. Go volunteer at a childrens' hospital and spend a day entertaining the kids. Invite your ex to come along. If not, bring your camera take pictures post them on Facebook or another online social website. Make sure your ex knows of this totally "out of character" thing that you did. They will be really surprised and see you in a totally different way. Saying to themselves "Where did that come from?" Curiosity is the best way to arouse a person's interest, so try to make them curious. 
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