UK Competitions

28/08/2011 19:54

Competitions seem to be all the rage at the moment. Browse the Web for even a short while and you'll no doubt run into a competition promotion. High street retailers, magazines, radio stations, electronics providers, and even smaller businesses can be seen offering a free competition, and we're only scratching the surface. If you quite fancy getting your hands on that luxury sports car, holiday of your dreams or shopping extravaganza, we guarantee there will be multiple competitions available.So how do you enter a competition on the Web? The easiest method is to visit specialist competitions Web sites, which offer a round-up of legitimate (and free) prize draws. By visiting specialist sites, you won't have to do the searching yourself, and you'll have more spare time to actually participate in the various prize draws.Once you've located a competition that you'd like to enter, the next step is to read the terms and conditions at the provider's site. Do they have an age limit? How many times can you enter? Will I have to participate in other offers? These are all questions that should be answered by the terms and conditions. Once you're happy, it's time to participate. Usually this involves completing an online form or questionnaire. The length of these forms varies, but the majority can usually be completed in less than a few minutes. If you are interested, take a look at UK Competitions. You will likely be asked for your name, e-mail address, home address and perhaps other details. If you are planning to enter multiple competitions, it's worth setting up a secondary e-mail address (see below).Since the competitions that you will be entering are free, the competition operator will want something in return. Usually this is just an e-mail address, so they can register you for their newsletter. You can imagine how many newsletters you'll eventually begin receiving if you enter numerous competitions. Therefore, it's worth setting up a specialist e-mail address at a free e-mail service like Hotmail or Yahoo. This way, you'll keep all your competition correspondence separate.If you're a lucky winner, you will be notified either via e-mail (the most likely) or via telephone. It's therefore a good idea to keep a regular check on your competitions e-mail. People really do win competitions on the Web and with a little persistence, you can too! By following the advice in this article (and also by doing a bit of research yourself), you will be well on your way to being a professional "comper"! For more info, visit UK Competitions.