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30/10/2011 04:59

Trusting your home to a handyman is a big deal. I’ve had a lot of questionable handymen. Tigard and Beaverton is full of them, but I want to tell you about a few I actually trust.

In my twenties and thirties I loved to do everything around my house, my neighbors’ houses, or anyone else who was afraid of getting a little dirty. Okay, I got more than a little dirty. I’ve been shocked, cut, burned, dropped, and smashed more times that I can recall.  These days I like to take it easy. I have earned the ability to let others work on my house, because I’ve already done it. I learned when I can still tackle a job myself or pay someone who does it every day. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Tigard Oregon Auto Repair.

There are a few things I do before I search for a new handyman. Beaverton has close to 100,000 residents, and quite a few think of themselves as a handyman. Tigard is the same. And with this tough economy, I’m always happy to help my fellow Portland area residents out.

Anyway, I like to try new people to help me with projects all of the time. I have my house, my sister’s house and we both own our parents old house that we rent out to a nice family. Between the three houses, there is always something to be done.

Most workers do an adequate job, but they usually assume I have no idea what they are doing. It’s not a bad thing to let them believe this. I don’t lie, but I’m not forthcoming about my experience. You learn a lot about a man when he thinks he knows more than you.

I’m not going to say who not to trust. People change, or maybe they were having an extra hard time. Yet, there are a few people I will never again use as a handyman. Tigard has a few I will not be calling back.

There are two types of handymen I don’t’ like to hire a second time.

First, there are the incompetent workers. They mean well, but they don’t really understand how to do things the right way. They never learned how to frame, or paint, or even hammer correctly. They make for a bad handyman. Beaverton has two such men I’ve come across.

The ones that try to take advantage of you are the worst. I really hate these guys.

In reality, few people are really trying to take advantage of you. I had a guy tell me that my kitchen floor was not level, and he needed to remove the ceiling in my basement to see the joists. I was wary, but I cut a hole in the drywall ceiling and found that one of the floor joists had been damaged. It had been cut to put in some pipes years and years ago. He was not even working on my kitchen floor. I don’t know how I never noticed the problem. He noticed it just walking around my house. I used this guy a lot several years ago and I still call him from time to time. For more info, visit Tigard Oregon Auto Repair.