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27/10/2011 12:07


Adobe Flash Reader or Macromedia Flash Reader Press Release, Video Blog or Article submission portal 
If you would like to get perfect positioning in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Yandex, and other search engines, Press Release, Article, Blog submission is recommended.  But, if you go even further - to get your company show on the top positions in Video hosting pages.  If you are interested to know more, take a look at Submit Press Release. In this case you need to produce video attachments and convert them into SWF format (which is currently sort of standard on Youtube, Googlevideo).  We have automatic  Video PR, Article, Blog submission page on our information portal, where you can support your publication with SWF video file: 
1. Some recommendations on producing SWF files.  Your video camera typically gives you Video in AVI, MPG, VWF format. In order to get them in SWF, you can use free shareware software.  In this case you are OK, but typically freeware doesn't offer support for Start Button, Pause Button, Resume, Sound Increase, Full screen.  Our portal doesn't play your video SWF file automatically, however in order for your viewers to run video, they will need to right click on the image of the first frame (automatically shown) and select run popup menu.  This was just our general observation, if it is cool enough, then go ahead and post your Press Release with SWF video attachment.  
2. Video format size.  We recommend you to use something close to 500x400 to achieve optimal internet download performance and video quality.  If you upload SWF files with lower resolution, we will show them in 500x400 
3. Preview is available. We encourage you to experiment with your PR preview, where you can get idea on how exactly it will be published 
4. Free link to your website.  Yes, this is part of the free Press Release, Article, Blog or Generic publication package 
5. Is PR published instantly and automatically?  No, we validate your publication 
6. In which language I can support my free press release:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Italian, French, German are validated by editors.  If you have PR in Dari, Persian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, please provide English or Spanish translation at the bottom of the text (you can translate your text free in Google translator, if you are not comfortable with English) 
7. Notes on Google Sandbox.  This is a concern for new American websites.  However if you are doing business in your local country and if you master to publish you Articles in USA (where Albaspectrum information portal is located) on your local language, these publications should be very respected by your local search engines (such as yandex in Russia).  Yandex sandboxing period is about two weeks, as we observed in on October 2009 
For more info, visit Submit Press Release