Smokeless Cigarettes

07/11/2011 21:53

Smoking tobacco has its roots in the early days of the South American tribes, eventually spreading to the entire world. Traders and merchants spread tobacco at a fast rate. Europe was the source of much of tobacco's selling success. Smoking is possibly the number one hobby in the world due to its high popularity. Tobacco smoke, however, has been proven to be detrimental to the human body. Chemicals from non-organic compounds in the tobacco cause a slew of accumulative side effects in the body. This can lead to diseases, and in some cases, death. As a response to such dangerous cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes were invented. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Smokeless Cigarettes.

 Smokeless cigarettes are very unique due to the fact they use glycerin to produce most of their smoke. The smoke produced when using glycerin in this way tends to be very light and airy. The wind carries this smoke away much easier than it would traditional smoke. This is because the smoke is not due to organic material burning. Smokeless cigarettes allow a smoker to smoke within their home in relative comfort. The smell of the smoke produced by smokeless cigarettes is very mild in comparison to traditional cigarettes.


 One of the most alluring aspects of these items is that there is a great smorgasbord of flavors one can choose from. Unlike other cigarettes, these smoking items offer a great variety of choices. The ease of use is often cited as the number one reason people are afraid of these items. The ease of use tends to shock many first time smokers. The amount of pieces needed to make this item work is around three to four. The filter is one of the most vital. The filter goes on the end, and provides the flavor as well as the nicotine itself. Companies who sell this product are all highly specialized, and as such may differ in how they put their product together.

 The filters are commonly made to be thrown away and bought again. These items are oftentimes sold individually if they are reusable. Bulk quantity of these items provides a chance for the consumer to save a greater sum of money than if buying singular items. Ceramics are a material used very commonly in making this item. Ceramics are very long lasting, but plastics are simple to wash. Hybrids also exist, and many times the filter end is made from ceramic.

 Electrical juice is required to keep these items going. Many people buy chargers for their smokeless cigarettes. These chargers blend right in at the charging outlet, as they look very similar to cell phone chargers. Chargers come in a variety of shapes, but the most common one seen is that of a cigarette pack. In a house that has many chargers, this one will blend din rather than stand out. Electronic cigarettes, if maintained well, hardly ever break. The general lifetime of a single electronic cigarette well kept is rather long. Changing the filters on these pieces is done easily.  For more info, visit Smokeless Cigarettes.