Sherman Unkefer

07/11/2011 10:24

Multi Level Marketing businesses (MLMs) are known to be one of the best ways to generate wealth and it is recommended by financial experts that persons find a multi marketing business to help bring in extra revenue and even potentially replace their job.MLMs have been known to create millionaires and many multi million dollar corporations have emerged from a simple MLM structured business.This business design is often used for cutting edge technology or for highly unique products including those in the natural health field. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Sherman Unkefer.

XanGo is a multi level marketing business.This business is based on the creation and sale of products that are made with mangosteen.Joe Morton is the founder and a board member of Xango.He originally tasted the mangosteen fruit in a Southeast Asian café.He was greatly impressed by the fruit and he could not forget about it.From one taste of this fruit has come an entire line of products and the business, XanGo.


XanGo juice is produced from the mangosteen.This juice is created using the center of the fruit and the rind.Xanthones are abundant in this highly beneficial fruit.These are plant nutrients which contain high levels of antioxidants.The mangosteen fruit has a high quantity if Xanthones which is said to rid the body of free radicals and strengthen the immune system. 


Compensation Plan

The business compensation plan for Xango is competitive with other MLMs and offers four ways to generate a home business income.These four ways are:Retail sales at 50%, PowerStart which is generated weekly, Unilevel which is generated monthly and quarterly Bonus Pools.A 50% commission is paid on each retail sale without any gimmicks or tricks.This compensation plan offers wide open opportunity.

XanGo is a very competitive team that offers cutting edge health products.This business is an example one of many lucrative MLM business strategies out there.

In my research I have found that the people who succeed with any network marketing company is the person who understands how to market their business and brand themselves rather than just promote their company.

 My Recommendations:

Xango has been a force in this industry for over 5 years, so if you are looking for a stable company, then this could be a good choice for you to take a look at.The Xango product line is a quality health product. For any entrepreneur looking to be successful and make money in Xango you will need to learn how to effectively market your business. There are many other health products out there that will be competing for the same customer base.

If you would like to learn how to market and attract quality leaders to your Xango MLM business you need to learn attraction marketing. This type of marketing teaches you to become the hunted instaed of you chasing people they are coming to you to hear about your business opportunity

For more comprehensive training on how to brand yourself and market your MLM business like the "Top Producers" using Attraction Marketing please visit my blog and website. To Your Success! For more info, visit Sherman Unkefer.