Sherman Unkefer

07/11/2011 08:11

Wow!The time I spent with Sherman Unkefer will be by no means forgotten.Mr. Unkefer is the most successful distributor in the entire company of Xango and brings in approximately a quarter of a million dollars each and every month. You understood that correctly, 250 G's every 30 days!Sherman was helping a Xango distributor in his organization, who lived in my home town of Blackfoot, Idaho.Now, I wasn't interested in signing up with Xango but wasn't about to pass up a shot at meeting a quarter million per month man..If you are interested to know more, take a look at Sherman Unkefer. My business partner, Dave, and I were not disappointed with the meeting.Both of us were vere enthused after speaking with Sherman.Learning the history of Sherman Unkefer was incredible..Sherman was broke and friendless at the age of 59. All had been lost in 3 failed mlm ventures.Regardless of his previous failures, he followed his gut and joined up with Xango. A few short years later he had made over ten millions dollars in bonuses.Not only had Sherman become the #1 distributor in his company, but he had also set himself on a path to become the highest paid network marketer in the history of the world.  

I can't tell you how exhilerating it was to look at the checks he showed us.Mr. Unkefer was a sharp dressed man, a good communicator and very friendly.Although I was impressed with his skills, I do have to mention that he did not have tight shirt that displayed a big Batman logo.Most of us think of people that make huge money like that as being superhuman.They are not. They're regular people just like you and me.My enroller and I came away from the meeting feeling very inspired.If Sherman Unkefer can do it-¦ so can we!While talking with Sherman we asked him tons of questions to find out what it was that he did to become so successful.Sherman shared with us that consistency was one big key.He said the some people get sick of hearing his presentation over and over but the central point to remember is that it's always new and fresh to the people that haven't heard it already.One predicament many of us faceas business owners is our quest for perfectionsism. Sometimes we want to change what we're doing all the time because we think we can make it better.According to Sherman Unkefer, we should stick with what's working, stay consistent and give it time to work it's magic.I also learned from Sherman that hard work is a huge contributing aspect to success. Sherman is on the road most of the time completing roughly 200 hotel meetings in 1 year.It's hard to see in your mind's eye the mass numbers of people that are able to hear about Xango from Sherman.What I love about Sherman is that he is evidence of the American dream. It's alive and well.Many people distrust multi level marketing. They wonder whether or not people actually make money in "those pyramid things." Some people really wonder if network marketing is a scam.I think Mr. Sherman Unkefer has done a fabuolous job answering all of those questions for us by showing us, not just telling us, that there are incredible fortunes to be made in MLM. For more info, visit Sherman Unkefer.