SEO Brisbane

01/11/2011 17:05


Imagine yourself playing in you favourite golf tournament, wanting so desperately to do well - everything you do with your life relies on this match.

Your regular rivals are lined up, waiting for play to start.

The tournament director sends a box of balls your way, these are the match balls you must use.

You open the box, and, whoa! - all the balls are oval! If you are interested to know more, take a look at SEO Brisbane.

A quick check with your rivals and it looks like everybody else has the regulation round ball.

You're the only one with this equipment handicap - you can't win from here.

You are virtually out of the game.

You play on regardless, everybody is happy that you do - you tell good jokes and they all love your hawaiian shirt.

Back at your desk the next day, working your Online Marketing strategy.

Then it hits you - you dont have an SEO Strategy!

You have BBS (Bad Ball Syndrome)

Again, you are virtually out of the game.

Without  SEO your website  is just going through the motions.

Todays internet is a very competitive marketplace. Hard work, and lots of it, is needed to get to the first page on Google. That's where everybody wants to be. Fighting tooth and nail.

If you are not in there doing your best, your online sales will amount to a big fat zero, or less.

These are the ground rules for internet success:

1) Keywords - research and select. These are the core words to describe your business. Even shorter than an elevator pitch. You need 3-5 keywords/keyphrases. This is key to success. Research well, choose carefully.

2) A website that works on many levels - it must be attractive - that's a given. Number one stipulation.It must function efficiently, your user needs to be easily able to find his way around the business.Establish a Wordpress blog. Post to blog every day.It must contain valuable content. Interesting content. Lots of it on every page.It must be structured and composed in accordance with what Google advises as the optimum compliance with their requirements.When you have finished building the site, upload and install on your server.Build an xml sitemap. Submit the sitemap to Google. Next, Yahoo and Bing (each has a unique system).Monitor everything.

That just about finishes your onsite SEO function, excepting that you must pay constant attention to everything.3) Now you need links incoming to your site. That establishes your authority.Post replies at forums. The forums you join need to be in your industry sector/market niche.Write comments on blogs. Include your name, anchor text and a link back to you site.Articles must be written and submitted. Interesting articles about your industry sector. Just like this article.Submit your site, with link, to industry/keyword specific directories.Broadcast Press Releases, ongoing.Make videos and upload to youtube.

And there's more.

So, if you are online, and you have no SEO strategy, you just have bad balls. For more detailed information, visit SEO Brisbane.