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30/10/2011 09:40

The best and one of the most cost efficient ways to reduce heat loss from your pools is using solar pool covers. They cut down on the total amount of water lost due to sun heat and evaporation. This can also help in reducing the total amount if chemicals that are being used in the pools. It needs some special fabric materials, and proper sunlight and the fact of covering your entire pool. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Secard Pools. You can make a very environment friendly investment as a pool owner by using solar cover. The advantages of using solar pool coversThe heating element is considered to be one of the biggest advantages. Solar pool covers keep the pool warm in different ways with the help of sunlight. It looks like a bubble wrap material. So this kind of material helps in grabbing and absorbing the heat from the sunlight and put them all into the water. Most of the solar covers are translucent and these solar covers help in assisting in the evaporation method. This stuff works like a one-sided valve, although it allows the heat to move in but it doesn't allow it to move out of the cover. This function can heat the water alone by up to 8-9%. The second and foremost important function of pool cover is to entirely eradicate the heat lost in the course of evaporation. It saves the heat from getting lost from that pool and stores it inside the pool only.  

Solar pool covers helps in stopping the effect of cold wind that exist over the surface of your pool. This also helps you in saving money by saving on the top-up water cost, it help you make water conservation efforts and above all it is very much environment friendly. It also works as a pool cleaner and helps keep the leaves and other type of debris out of the pool. They almost block the top of the pool and don't allow the dirt fall into the water and this puts less strain on your pool filter by simply knocking out the danger of any leaf to enter the system. The best part is that all the solar pool covers work in harmony with all types of cleaning equipment without producing any troubles; this helps them make less work and gives best overall result. You mustn't forget to clean up all the leaves before rolling it. You are doing your best part to maintain the warmth of your pool for longer time just by unrolling and replacing the solar pool cover after each time you use your pool. The more often you cover your pool, the more heat will be collected inside. The collected heat generates warmth in the water for much longer time span. It has enormous benefits if you cover your pool in off-season. Solar pool covers are a must for all the pools. It has all the benefits in terms of time spent, money, and environment friendly. It helps to keep the chemical balanced as the pool is not exposed to the sunlight or heat or dirt. For more info, visit Secard Pools.