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29/09/2011 20:28


While you were high Ecstasy might have given you euphoria. But those feelings failed to last long. Chasing that first high is anything apart from fun. As time elapses, it became more of a nightmare, failed to it? In real life it's anything but a condition of ecstasy.  For more detailed information, visit  San Antonio Counselor.
When you use a habit forming substance like ecstasy, your cerebral cortex gets dependent on it. 
Ecstasy usage interrupts your brain from having balance. Once out of whack, the brain relies more on you supplying it with more of that love drug. It requires ecstasy to use it as a replacement for the neurotransmitters accountable for ordinary brain function. 
Hence if your brain is addicted, it's going to send you about messages to supply it with more ecstasy. Those request messages will continue even after you make the decision to no longer use. Do not miss the key message. It's not that you do not need to give up using ecstasy. It is that you can't do it without a hard road. This is the reason why folks relapse so frequently. The need and longings to use are just too powerful to stop. It's due to having a hooked brain. 
The things I tell my patients is simple. Here are 5 recovery options you can try to help in beating your brain being hooked on the drug ecstasy :  
*Have hope that it can get better! Get a positive angle and keep hold of it like a lifeline. A key to successful detox from ecstasy is a positive attitude. Your longings to use ecstasy are real and real hard. Remember, it is a brain thing. It isn't about you being puny or you being a screw-up. Know you can conquer this challenge. Many people have overcome. You can too.  
*Focus on a goal. Identify it. Explain it. Make the images in your mind's eye as detailed and particular as you feel you can. Be driven by this goal that you have set for yourself. Think about it. Chat about it. Dream about it.
Do not give up on your goal. Get it done. This may be the reward that makes everything you've been through seem advantageous.  
*Be responsible. Youl should be holding yourself accountable for your actions, both past and present. This doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. Everybody does. It suggests you shoulder responsibility and try to do better. If possible, it is also added strength if you can find others you trust and respect, and ask those folks to hold you responsible also.  
*ModeraXL. This is a new option for ending ecstasy. And it's cheap recovery support. It's an one hundred percent natural drink that gives your hooked brain the crucial nutrient elements it requires. It can balance the brain's chemistry so you aren't just targeted on using your ecstasy. It can often help to  prevent cravings  so you don't want to use. You may also start ModeraXL while you're still using ecstasy, and the nutrient elements will help you to halt your cravings. For more info on: easy at home detox check out ModeraXL. 
I have suffered from cocaine addiction for 5 years. After trying ModeraXL my addiction had been reduced dramatictly and allowed me to be free of cocaine for the past 2 years.  If you are interested, check out San Antonio Counselor.