ROI Unlimited

18/09/2011 11:08

The new ROI Unlimited network marketing company has a compensation plan with a twist. They call it the first ever true "follow me" matrix. In this article we are going to take a look at what this means. When we are finished, you will understand the compensation plan and you will be able to determine if members have a real chance of earning with this opportunity.Let's take a look at what the ROI Unlimited compensation plan is based on. After reviewing this compensation plan it is clear that it is a 2 x 3 Matrix, meaning that each member is placed on a board that has 2 columns 3 rows. They will be placed in the first available position on the bottom row. Their task along with everyone else on the board is to fill the slots in this matrix. Each time the matrix is filled the top person gets paid and moves to the next board. Everybody else on the board moves up one level. If you are interested, take a look at ROI Unlimited. This process continues until each member cycles off the board. If the person at the top has sponsored anyone, those people will be placed under them when the board splits and they will follow them to the next level.The matrix is short or small that the number of slots to fill in order for you to cycle off the board and earn your commission is much less than other matrices. Once you reach the first row you only have to fill the bottom row of 8 slots to make your commission. Because of the size of these matrixes they are sometimes referred to it as "Boards". Many other compensation plans have a much bigger matrix meaning that it takes a lot more people and a lot more time to fill the board and reap the full monetary benefits.There is nothing unusual about the matrix; many network marketing companies use them to compensate their members. This 2 x 3 matrix is attractive because everyone on the board is motivated to fill the board. Because everyone is striving to reach the top and to cycle off the board in order to earn their commission.The different with the ROI Unlimited compensation plan is that when a member advances to a new board the systems places them under the person that sponsored them into the company and they "follow" their sponsor. Members can stay with their teams for as long as they are in the company. Members also benefit from the movement of their team members. So, when you move to a new board, you will follow your sponsor and the people that you sponsor will follow you to helping to push you to the top and to earn your commission. This creates a true "follow me" matrix. The really great thing is that everybody that your sponsor brings in to the Board after you will also follow them and you creating even more momentum.The least expensive way to join ROI Unlimited is only $250. When a member joins at this level they will be placed on the Driver Board. They will move to the more lucrative boards without any additional, payment. Members can only cycle off the Driver Board once. When they cycle off this board, they earn a $500 commission and $1000 for automatic entry on to the Accelerator Board.Once a member cycles off the Driver Board they collect their earnings and then they are then placed on the Accelerator board with no additional cost. Members are able to enter the Accelerator Board as many times as they would like. Each time they cycle off this board they earn $5000 and $1000 to re-enter the same board. Although members can enter this board as many times as they would like, after the first time they cycle off this board, they are required to either sponsor someone into the company or to bring $1000 worth of business into the company. This is only required after each member has earned $1500 when they cycle off the Driver board and $6000 when they cycle off of the Accelerator Board the first time.To earn a bigger check, ROI Unlimited offers an optional board, the "Power Board". When you decide to move to this board, you will find that it is formatted the exact same as the other 2 boards, however there is a very important difference. The difference is, when you cycle off this board you will earn $20,000, plus $3500 to re-enter the board.When you join this optional board is totally up to you. You can stay on the Accelerator board and make as many $5000 paydays as you want before you move to the Power Board. For more detailed information, please visit ROI Unlimited