Racing Games

30/10/2011 10:45

Right from the birth of video games, racing games has always been in demand. The very first racing as well as driving game has been the night driver produced by the Attari approximately in the seventy's. Though the game provided no thrill except for white posts visible on the screen in order to signify end of the road.It was only in the year 1984 that the real thrill if drive gaming hit the markets manufactured by Attari. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Racing Games. Although when compared to the complicated technologies and standards driving today's world, the driving games set the trend for the flourish of the video games as well as the home based computer games which are here to stay for the next few years.With the advancement in technologies, developers of various games took advantage of the same thus ensuring the growth of the racing games gradually. In the year 1987, a game released by Sega became quite popular and classic with its wonderful sound track and is still clear in the memory of game players till date. The game was popularly known to be outrun. With the introduction of outrun, the car more or less resembled the real life cars. They had semi realistic scenes and a number of levels. The opposition cars had a rough behave as one could expect them to be and the game proved to be a tremendous hit.The genre of racing games continued to advance with the advancement in technologies. The graphic setup advanced from the two dimensional to the three dimensional thus getting it closer to the real life games. The performance of the cars was also similar to the real ones thus giving a full real experience to the player. After the year 1990, a line of video game releases changed the way the world perceived these video games. They became more user friendly, easy to operate and closer to life experience thus making them extremely popular with the video gamers. Some of the marked releases during the initial years were that of Sega, Sega rally,virtua driving and the Namco's ridge racer which were successful in drawing huge crowds especially teenagers.The era of video games was even popular with the various home systems. Though some of the brands like Ridge racer as well as Sega rally were incorporated in the home systems, the home systems permitted the developers to design games in a better and deeper way. A game of hardly a minute or more was possible with the arcade compared to the home system which offered several hours of home play. This ultimately gave rise to the design of a number of games with advanced tracks, career modes and notable features of game play. Some of the games quite famous with the home systems are the gran turismo which is famous for the unbelievable reality offered. It offers attention to the minutest details. The wipe out series takes care of the genre of sci-fi racing games and the very popular variety is the Nintendo's Mario kart which is definitely one of the biggest of the racing games. For more info, visit Racing Games.