Quit Smoking Tips

19/10/2011 11:23

Smoking kills over 400000 people each year so it's no wonder that anyone who smokes is looking for an easier way to stop. Sure, there is plenty of advice out there, but is there one good stop smoking tip that will do the trick? If you are interested to know more, take a look at Quit Smoking Tips. Quitting smoking is not easy. I know because it took me over 10 years to quit myself! I tried quitting cold turkey, I tried nicotine gum, I tried hypnosis but none of these worked. You see, there is no "one size fits all" method of quitting that works for everyone.If you have tried to quit smoking but have not been successful, it could simply be because you have not tried the right technique. Just because your friend quit using one method does not mean it is the right one for you. But don't despair - there are plenty of methods, you just need to find the one that will work for you.There is no one stop smoking tip that works for everyone. There are many things that can help you quit smoking. Nicotine replacement can help with the cravings. Hypnosis can help with your subconscious. Gradually cutting down can help you decrease your dependence while minimizing your withdrawal symptoms. Quitting cold turkey can be agony at first, but helps you get it over with fast.But, there is one thing you might not have tried that can really help, especially if you have tried a lot of other things with no success - using your mind to help you quit. You see, your mind is very powerful and your thoughts can really dictate what your body wants. So, using simple techniques to reprogram the way your brain thinks about smoking could be the one thing that helps you kick the habit for good!If you haven't tried thinking about cigarettes in a different way - seeing them as an enemy to your body instead of as a "treat" that you deserve. You owe it to yourself to start doing this today. See the link below to find out where you can learn more about using your mind to help you stop smoking.  For more details, visit Quit Smoking Tips.