31/10/2011 20:28

If you're not using Facebook to try and pick up girls then you are missing out! It's easier than you think!It depends largely on the quality of your profile. You should stand out from the crowd in a positive way before you try and message any hot girl.Put the following Facebook PUA tips into practice and you will soon be dating hot girls you meet online.If you are interested, check out PUA.

1. Take out any spelling errors that will show you up as being uneducated. Never write like a 14 year old girl texting her best friend.

2. Always ignore your Facebook status section! Who needs to know that you're out walking the Dog! This lowers your value if you're seen to have nothing better to do!

3. Never volunteer that your relationship status is single. So turn this option off! Don't make it easy for her, not to mention obvious!

4. For your primary photo, you need to have a photo where you're with a stunning girl who is enjoying your company. Try and make it look natural, like this is normal for you!

5. Try and get other photos where you're with hot girls in natural surroundings! Also some cool hobby photos such as surfing, rock climbing and water skiing etc!

6. No matter how good your naked body may be, never take a photo of yourself half naked in front of the mirror and place it on Facebook for the world to see! This is a real turn off and makes things easier for real Facebook PUA's.

7. Look through your wall for any negative or boring posts that may show you up as a bit of a loser! Delete anything that lowers your value!

8. Probably the most important Facebook PUA tip is to get a collection of wall posts from hot girls inviting you out to parties or for a drink!

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