Psychic Live

10/09/2011 02:33

Are you thinking about calling or visiting a psychic and NOT sure what sort of reading you need?  Or maybe you've found a specific psychic you really want to speak to...but just learned they require days, weeks or even MONTHS before they're available for a reading?Or others, you are considering getting an email reading, or even trying an inexpensive automated psychic service that gives you your "advice" a few days after you submit your request or seek out their guidance?The truth is, in my experience, the very BEST psychic readings are done LIVE....pure and simple.  That doesn't mean they have to be in person of course, as many of my favorite experiences have been done 100% on the phone.  But there is a definite correlation between getting a reading done at the exact time in your life that you NEED the advice or guidance, and the quality of the information that comes through to boot.An illustration of this?Many people seek out psychic guidance for "crisis" issues.  If you are interested, check out Psychic Live. Love or relationship difficulties,  difficulty in the direction your life is taking, or even health issues as they relate to your loved ones.  (sometimes even, immediately after LOSING a loved one as well)  Many people, myself included....believe that those openings are OPPORTUNITIES to seek out and get true guidance, and authentic advice, as your energy and intuition are MOST "open" and receptive to being read, and influenced at key moments.The idea overall is....That when you feel the urge to get guidance, at that very moment, or as close as possible, is the OPTIMUM time to seek out that the help, advice or spiritual intuition that your soul craves..:-)  I know that sounds hokey to some, but to ME, it's made all the difference in the world, and is the key reason that i RARELY get psychic readings that are planned well in advance.....or with folks who make me wait weeks or months, even if they are known to be good.  (simply because I find the moment has passed that I really needed them most...and it's almost always anti-climactic when we speak!)My best advice to you if you are serious about getting psychic advice....but simply NOT sure where to start?Get a live reading, when you have the deepest desire for help!  Even if it's just for fun, or curiosity, you'll find the quality of the content you get is MUCH better, I promise! For more detailed information, visit Psychic Live.