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13/10/2011 10:04


Web design without SEO? SEO without web design? That means either you have a great looking website that no one can see or you have an ugly website that thousands of people are viewing. I for one don't like the sounds of either but I see it every day. If you are interested, check out Omaha Web Design.
These web design companies need to step it up and offer at least a little bit of search engine optimization because companies want a website so it can be seen. That way they can gain new customers and new opportunities which hopefully results in a good return on investment.
Example: You pay an author to write you a book and they complete it for $5,000 and put it in the library for you. How would you feel if you viewed the book only to see that there wasn't a Title? None of the chapters were labeled either! You ask the author to add them to the book and you get a quote back for another $5,000. I'm sure you realize how hard it might be for someone to find your book in the library computer without a title. 
While SEO is much more complicated than a title there's still the basics that need to be followed. With a title and description you're telling the search engines exactly what you want to show up for. Then your content and links need to have the same keywords and phrases. 
If I own and list the word "website" on 10,000 pages worth of content, what keyword might I show up for? It's more about phrases rather than a single word nowadays so in that case you need to add words to both sides of the keyword "website" such as: "nh website design services" "chicago website design" etc.
Once you rank for smaller keywords search engines can analyze the quality of your website more and give, or take away, ranking with that information.
Example: After two months Site A and B both get 100 visits per month. Site A's visitors all leave within 15 seconds. Site B's visitors stay for over one minute and view multiple pages. That tells Google that people like the information they're finding on Site B so it should rank for more words. Google wants to be popular too. That's just one small piece of the seemingly impossible to understand Google Analytics.
Web Design can be as simple as a template so it's amazing that they're getting so much money for these sites that have no way of being found at all. On the other hand I've seen the design on some sites that are probably better off not being found anyways. 
It takes two to tango which means you should ask about the website and how much SEO work will be done, if any. Then cost around your best options based on what each company says. Try to find a company with a guarantee so that your risks are less if they can't perform what they promise you.  For more info, visit Omaha Web Design.