Nuwave Oven Reviews

07/11/2011 03:46

Is the NuWave oven really efficient and fast as seen on TV? And do the foods cooked in this new wave oven taste better? These are not the only questions on the minds of American housewives. There are other queries too. This latest cooking technology gadget is doing quite a bit of the advertisement rounds and has had some positive product reviews. Yet, this product seems to have confused the housewife no end. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Nuwave Oven Reviews.

 To help a housewife make up her mind, here is some nitty-gritty on the various cooking techniques that are in vogue.


 The basic cooking

 Simply put, cooking means application of heat to food. Mankind first started with an open fire and eventually evolved many ways to generate heat. Broadly, modern man today cooks either in an oven, on a cook top or on a grill. Cook tops are divided into gas and electric types. Gas heating is well understood and needs no explanation. In contrast, the electric system has many methods. These include coil elements, halogen heaters and induction type appliances.

 Convection cooking

 Convection cooking was evolved to maximize the heat used in cooking. In a convection system, air flow circulates inside the oven ensuring uniform heating of food items. Food is cooked evenly eliminating overtly browned areas. This type of cooking is particularly useful for preparing items like cakes, vegetables, pastries, cookies and roast meat.

 Induction cooking

 As explained earlier, induction is a form of electric cooking. Induction cooking is unconventional, hence is not fully understood by many. In a conventional system, heat is applied to the cooking vessel directly. The regular stove heaters are an example; whereas, induction cooking generates heat directly in the cooking vessel itself. Here the cooking element is a powerful electromagnet. When a vessel is placed over this magnet, the magnetic fields induce energy in the vessel creating heat. This translates into a more efficient utilization of heat over a cooler cooking surface. One point has to be remembered though. Induction cooking requires all cook tops to be made of ferrous metal that will readily sustain magnetic field.

 Infrared cooking

 This cooking system uses infrared rays to bring heat to the food. Infrared rays penetrate both inside and outside of the food at the same time resulting in even cooking.

 Then what is NuWave oven all about?

 Nu wave promotes a revolutionary technology that combines convection, induction and infra red systems put together. A NuWave oven is a dome shaped cooker that uses conduction heat, infrared heat and a convection fan to cook foods faster than all other methods. The other advantages of this gadget are:

 * It generates no smoke * It is Energy efficient. Consumes far less electricity than a conventional oven. * Cooks just about everything that you can think of. * No need of defrosting before cooking.

 Nevertheless, there are some issues one needs to keep in mind. Determining the cooking time is a bit intuitive. You need some patience and some practice. Once you familiarize yourself with the set up, NuWave oven can prove to be a great value- addition to your kitchenware. For more info, visit Nuwave Oven Reviews.