Nanny San Mateo CA

03/10/2011 22:29

Interviewing a nanny isn't like finding the best quote for your interior design. When you're looking at potential nanny candidates, you're trying to find out who will be the best fit for your child. Needless to say, it's not a process something to take lightly.The good news? You've arrived here, which means you're already looking for advice on how to handle a nanny interview.The better news? You've arrived at the right agency. With a decade of experience under our belt, Lexington Nannies is one of the best nanny agencies not only in the southern California area, but across the nation.Hiring a nanny starts with the interview. Here is a quick guide to making sure you understand how to properly interview a potential nanny for your children.Find a Nanny in California, click Nanny San Mateo CA. 1. First, don't stick to a template. Even if you print off an article about interviewing nannies, nothing will help you as much as taking at least an hour to get to know each nanny candidate and see them interact with both you and your child. Does their general demeanor mesh with you? Is their personality warm, and do they seem like someone who is proactive enough to work themselves into your lives without you having to micromanage them?2. Ask them about experience. This is vital. Without experience, references, and credentials, you never know who you might be hiring. So find out about their background, the children they've worked with, and find out how long they've been able to commit to clients in the past. What they've done in the past is a great indicator for what they'll do in the future.3. Why do they like working with children? You'll want to look for confidence here, because if a nanny doesn't know why they like working with children, they're in the wrong business. Any solid nanny will have answered this question many times and settled on an answer that clicks with them; try to see which nannies are capable of this type of answer.4. Where do they see themselves headed in the future? Is this nanny thing a "gig" for them, or are they truly looking for a long-term commitment? If you're the kind of person who wants to develop a long-term working and friendly relationship with your nanny, this question - and its answer - will be very important to you. If you plan on having more children, is this something the nanny can handle?5. What duties have they liked and disliked in the past? Ask them this before you tell them about your job, because you'll want to see if they'll actually enjoy the duties you require. If they don't, it might be a good idea to pass, depending on other variables like experience and references.6. How do they handle children when times are tough? How do they handle crying children, or children who refuse to cooperate for anyone except their parents? The answers here should also demonstrate that the nanny has experience and competence in these areas. Try to prod for specific examples.7. Ask them about decisions made in the past. If they are a job skipper, based on their resume, ask them why this is. You might get a little more context that will explain it better to you. If they don't seem to have a good reason for inconsistencies in the past, that should raise a few flags.8. What kind of position do they want? Do they detest being micromanaged, and what kind of environment are they looking for? Does your job fit their working style?Resist the temptation to be too polite when you're a job interviewer. Remember: you might end up employing this person for a long time, and they could end up playing a major role in your family's life. Be thorough. For more info visit, Nanny San Mateo CA.