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25/09/2011 18:30


It is finally here, the day you have been planning for in the last two month has finally arrived and you are moving out. If you followed the previous steps of this moving guide, you should be absolutely ready to hit the road. This last part of the guide will provide you with important tips for the big day. 
Moving Out 
It is recommended to stay home until the last item is loaded onto the truck.If you are interested to know more, take a look at Movers Sacramento CA. Make one last walkthrough in your house and perform the final inspection before the moving team leaves. Confirm sure that every single item was loaded and that nothing is left behind. Make sure your phone is connected throughout the day. Pack your phone in one of your suitcases only after the movers left. If you instructed your utilities providers to disconnect your utilities today, verify that they followed your instructions and that all utilities have been disconnected. Before you leave the house, clean it and remove all debris that is left behind. While doing so, take another look and inspect every room to make sure that you did not forget anything. Be sure to inspect everywhere including the attic, garage, etc. Meet the new owner of your home or real estate agent for a final walk through the property and provide the new owner or real estate agent with the keys. 
It is very important to be present when your movers arrive. If you cannot to be present while the movers are packing and loading your household content, designate a friend or family member to help out and make decisions in your absence. Make sure that with your chosen representative knows exactly what to do as it is likely that this person will be asked questions during the move. Be sure to let the movers know who your representative is. Go over all paperwork and details before the truck leaves with your household content. Verify that all the details are correct, that the price is as you were quoted for, and that the inventory list is complete and clear. Accompany the movers' manager as he inspects your content for any damages. If damages are found or documented on your inventory list, you must make sure that this is an accurate documentation as any found damages that appear on the inventory will be used as proof of items condition prior to the load in case of an insurance damage claim. For more detailed information, visit Movers Sacramento CA