Movers Mountain View CA

23/09/2011 11:58


I like changing places where I live. The only one thing that always stresses me up is actually moving. Packing the boxes, cleaning the old apartment, and then spending whole day moving is nerve wrecking. I always try to save money, and moving services can get expensive, this is why I did it on my own. I was so tired of asking my friends to help, renting the truck that this time I have decided to hire a moving company. I wanted to find the movers that are professional and have reasonable rates. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Movers Mountain View CA. These are the questions you should ask the moving representative: 
1.If you move within the same area, ask the representative what is the hourly rate? If you move to a different state ask the company to provide written flat rate estimate.
2.Ask the company if they have trip charge and what is included in the trip charge.
3. In San Diego some moving companies charge between $20-40 and it includes only fuel for the truck, and some moving companies, such as trip charge is $70-90 and it includes fuel, wrapping material, mileage, etc.
4. Ask the moving company representative if there are any other charges. I have some friends that were very frustrated with the moves, because when they initially talked with the representative the estimate was 2-3 times lower. In California movers have the right to lock up your belonging until the bill is paid, so make sure to ask at the beginning what is included in the estimate.
5.Ask your friends if they know good moving company or read reviews on .
6.Get some paperwork emailed or faxed to you by the representative that has your confirmation for the move.
7.Ask the moving representative if the company is licensed and insured. The moving company should provide minimum basic insurance coverage at no additional fee. 
For more detailed information, visit Movers Mountain View CA.