Milwaukee Power Tools

02/10/2011 09:37


The phrase Milwaukee Power Tools is synonymous with high quality, durable, and reliable professional heavy-duty and portable electric power tools. Their name gains respect from professionals worldwide.Founding of Milwaukee Power Tools
It all began with the close of the First World War and Henry Ford asking A. H. Pertersen, a young manufacturer, to produce a smaller and lighter, portable & frac14;" capacity power drill to make the manufacturing of his cars faster and more cost-efficient. Thus was the creation of the first of many innovative Milwaukee Power Tools, the "Hole Shooter".A.F. Siebert joined Petersen to form the A.H. Petersen Company in 1922. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Milwaukee Power Tools. A year later fire and recession closed the doors of that first company. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was then founded in 1924 by A. F. Siebert buying the original A.H. Petersen Company at auction and marketing the "Hole Shooter". This was the first light-weight, portable, one-handed ¼" capacity drill ever manufactured.Milwaukee Power Tools - Innovators with a Mission
Milwaukee Power Tools were created to fulfill a singular mission; to produce the best heavy-duty electric power tools available for professional use. They continued their mission in 1949 with their innovative and space-efficient Right-Angle Drill, in 1951 with the Sawzall, the registered name for a reciprocating saw that could take care of any job and is the tool most professionals carry today to get the dirtiest job done.Milwaukee Power Tools - Creating Industry Standards
The next revolutionary innovation of Milwaukee Power Tools came in 1970 with the Hole-Hawg, the registered name for a high-torque drill. And the next in the line of Milwaukee Power Tools that have become industry standards for professional electronic power hand tools was the Super Sawzall, the registered name for the newly engineered reciprocating saw that carried 10 amps and 0-32-SPM, the only one of its kind.Milwaukee Power Tools - Built with a Purpose
With their mission in mind and power tools in hand, Milwaukee Power Tools pays rigorous attention to the needs of the professional user by confirming user research. By setting industry standards and benchmarking all the innovative designs of Milwaukee Power Tools, they offer "best in class" and top product ranking by the industry. They also set demanding laboratory and in-field user testing to assure the best product to job match.At Milwaukee Power Tools the engineers don't just design a tool . . . they design a tool to do the job better. For more detailed information, visit Milwaukee Power Tools