Make it your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings

25/09/2011 18:38


Diamond engagement rings are not just a piece of jewellery for loved ones but it holds a very significant place in their life. This is something which you will wear every day for your rest of the life as a symbol of love and commitment. And so it is very important to take proper care of your engagement ring so that it can last forever. When you should not wear your diamond engagement ring? : Generally engagement rings are worn by the couples most of the time after their engagement ceremony. But there are some times when you should not wear the ring in order to protect it. You should take it off when you are cleaning your house or doing gardening. You should also not wear the ring when you are doing construction work or operating machinery. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Make it your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings.
If you think that you are doing any such work that can cause damage to the setting of your ring then it is better to take it off. And once you finish your work you can wear the ring. But whenever you take off your ring you must make sure that you are keeping it in a safe place. No matter whether you are taking your ring off for a couple of minutes or an hour, you must keep it in a safe place. As we all know that it is very precious piece of jewellery hence you must never take any kind of chances. How to clean your diamond engagement ring? : Even after taking so much of precautions it is obvious that your diamond engagement ring will get dirty. But there is no need to get tense because if you want then you can easily clean your ring in your home. But while cleaning your diamond ring you must be very careful because it is not just a financial investment but it is an emotional investment also. Here are few steps given by which you can easily clean your ring and can get back its sparkle. ·  Firstly soak the ring in a solution of warm water and mild liquid soap. ·  After one hour use a soft brush to remove the dirt and then whoosh the ring in the mild soap solution. ·  After that place the ring in a sieve to rinse it so that it does not slip downs the sewer.But if you do not have that much of time then you can take your ring to the jeweller for cleaning. For more detailed information, visit Make it your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings