Make It Your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings

28/09/2011 18:12


Finding elegantly cut and designed cushion cut diamond rings was relatively impossible till a few decades back. Estate sales and auctions were where most of them could be seen and they were out of reach of the common man. They were reserved for the elite and luxury class and thus had exorbitant pricing too. However, now it is easier to find these exquisite rings at really affordable rates because thankfully the trends have changed. As a matter of fact, they have been made more feasible as various sizes and styles have been developed. Thus they are no longer reserved for one part of the society.  For more details, visit Make It Your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings.
One of the most antique cuts, which is said to be a blend or cross of the contemporary Oval Cut and the Old Mine Cut, is used for the derivation of cushion cut diamond rings. A typical deep cut diamond having large facets signifies the Old Mine Cut. During the late 19th century and the early 20th century, this cut became most common. Candlelight diamond and the pillow-cut are some other names given to the Oval cut which is more modern and contemporary in comparison. It is designed to represent older times where instead of electric lights; candles gave light only through candles.  
Subtlety is the feature which has made this cut absolutely ideal and beautiful for ceremonies like engagement. It has a romantic twist to it but is not overtly romantic or too fierce. As compared to sparkling and fiery round diamonds, the timeless and classic appeal of this diamond stands out. Nonetheless, people who want the elegance with the absence of bling consider cushion cut diamond rings their perfect choice. 
Choosing The Right Cushion Cut Diamonds 
As compared to the other contemporary cuts available, choosing diamonds of this cut is slightly different. Here, your choice also has a very important role of course. Cushion cuts in different geometrical shapes can also be found such as slightly long rectangles or almost squares. You can also find cushion cuts of various clarity, size tables, depths etc. Large, open faucets can be seen on cushion cut diamond rings. Therefore, picking the ones which have the highest color and clarity is recommended. The spark in the ring will be enhanced in this manner. A length/width ratio of about 1.25 to 1.30 could be seen in earlier cut and original diamonds. 
When it comes to buying rings, budget can often be a constraint. But why compromise on quality when you are not buying a regular ring and instead buying an engagement ring? The beauty of the stone should also be considered when you see that the ring might cost slightly more than usual. Additional factors which need to be remembered include:  The classic solitaire having some accent stones is also included in the designs available here. To ensure that the stone doesn't get loose over time, one should pick four pronged settings and more in the case of larger stones. Certification should also be verified. Pick and yellow diamonds can also be chosen for engagements apart from white ones.  
So, to seal the bond of love, go ahead and choose a cushion cut diamond ring.   For more info, visit Make It Your Ring Diamond Engagement Rings.