Living In London

03/09/2011 04:38


London, the capital of the country and the centre for many of the nation's industries, it has an obvious pull on the working behaviour of people in businesses such as finance, law, commerce or the creative industries. Many people commute hundreds of miles a week to travel there. But wouldn't it be easier just to find a property to let in London
Whilst many people may view London as a nice place to visit, but a poor place to live, the truth is far different. There's also more to the area than just the city centre. Currently, one of the best places to look for properties to let in London is Croydon. 
Properties to let in Croydon have the benefit of being just 9.5 miles away from Charing Cross and the centre of the city. The borough is a major commercial centre in the greater London area, and commonly held as the second-largest place to shop in the south east after central London itself. What's more, the shops and department stores of Croydon's town centre are easily accessible. Since the late 1980's, the busiest areas of the town centre have been pedestrianised and in 2000, the Tramlink service offered shoppers an easy route back home from their day of shopping. 
Outside of the chances to spend money, properties to let in Croydon also benefit from the ease of travel throughout the area offered by its position. East Croydon railway station offers services to all parts of Greater London and Surrey, as well as connecting transport to destinations throughout the rest of the country. Croydon also benefits from the nearby motorway intersection of the A23, M23 and M25 - it is often referred to as the gateway to Sussex and the South-coast. Directly south of the town lies London's Gatwick Airport, and though Croydon is one of only five boroughs not to have an underground station, a short tram journey places Wimbledon in easy reach. 
Renting a property in Croydon has other benefits. Fairfield halls, the town's major entertainment complex, is home to London Mozart Players and has featured performances from some of music's most famous names. The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Status Quo, Joe Satriani, Jools Holland and even Coolio have played in the concert halls of Fairfield. The halls are also a popular choice for entertainment professionals; the BBC often uses it for recordings, and the film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code filmed a conference scene in the main hall. If you are interested, check out Living In London.
Cryodon also boasts its own cinema, named after Sir David Lean - the director of Lawrence of Arabia - and a vibrant theatre community. The Warehouse theatre is well known for its comedy, youth theatre and promotion of new writing, and many arts groups in the area are extremely active. From the Asian community to the 40 year old Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation, the arts are alive and well in south London. 
For those looking to make long-term use of properties to let in Croydon, there's also a wide variety of quality schools and local services. A state-of-the-art library can be found in Croydon Clocktower, and the famous BRITS secondary school offers a unique opportunity for education in the arts. 
With plans to connect the town to the London underground in 2011, and proposals to build yet more retail space in the town centre, properties to let in Croydon are bound to be at a premium in the coming years. Optimism about the town is so high that Boris Johnson, the current Lord Mayor, has even said he would back any move by the council to establish Croydon as an independent city.  For more detailed information, visitLiving In London.