Life Coaching Chicago

02/11/2011 09:54

Step 1 Identify Your Personal GoalsThe first step a life coach would tell his or her client is to identify the personal goals. Before one can achieve personal growth, he or she must first specify the personal goals in a very objective and specific manner. And in order to learn if you reached the goal you specified, regardless of how impossible it may seem to be, you need to know the results you want and you must be able to measure your progress in a quantitative manner. This can be facilitated by a life coach and his assistance can prove to be significant when it comes to making everything clear for you in order for your personal goals to have a semblance of reality.If you are interested to know more, take a look at Life Coaching Chicago.

Step 2 Making Your Personal Goals RealMore often than not, your subconscious will not be aware of the difference that lies between pure imagination and reality. The way the brain chemicals react when we are experiencing an actual happening is also the same when we are imagining things. The more you visualize a particular scenario using all your senses, the higher the effect it will have on you. For this step, imagine in detail what it will feel like when you achieve your personal goals. By training yourself in turning the experience real in your mind, you will have the strong urge to take action towards achieving your goals.

Step 3 Organize the Action Steps For Achieving Your Personal GoalsNot that you have a clear and measurable personal goal, the next life coaching step you need to work with is developing a viable plan that will allow you to reach your goal. Find out the things you need to do and establish a timeframe for completing a particular goal. If you aim on developing life skills, what are the initial things you need and when do you plan to achieve it?

Step 4 Keep Track and Create AccountabilityYou need to become accountable for every step you make in achieving your personal goals. Keep a record of all your commitments and ensure you stick to them. Being accountable for all your actions will make you feel empowered, particularly when you realize you are making progress.

Step 5 Celebrate Every Step You Make Toward Your GoalWhen you acknowledge every step you take on your way to your goal, you are able to realize the amount of progress you made moving forward.

Every step you take towards your goal is a personal development on its own. Celebrating your success will give you the motivation to achieve more and in turn, shorten the regular time frame you set for reaching your personal goals. For more detailed information, visit Life Coaching Chicago.