Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

27/10/2011 09:59

Bachelorette Party Ideas and Themes for Your Bachelorette Party - spice them up or keep it clean! Just remember to make sure that the Bride-To-Be has a great time!Spa Party: Whether you all go to a spa or not depends on your budget. This could be a girl's getaway weekend, but it is also a party you can do at home. If you are interested, check out Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages. Think massages, mud wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures, and just pamper yourselves! Add in alcohol, chocolate, and snacks and it's a party!Fondue Party: They were popular in the 60s, but you can still have one today! Get your fondue pots out and have fondue! Melted cheese, chocolate dip, and sizzling hot meat and vegetables. There's a whole meal you and your guests can make! And, it's interactive so there will be no boring lulls in the conversation! Slumber Party: If your bride wants low key, throw an old fashioned slumber party! Get out the romcoms! Get out the chocolate! Bring out your sleeping bags! Just have fun with it!80s Party: Go in theme - decorate 80s, play 80s music, and have guests dress up. Even if you go out afterward to the bars - rock it like it's 1985 and keep the theme going or even go to an 80s bar.Wine & Cheese Party: Throw an elegant Bachelorette Party by serving wine and cheese, and maybe adding in some chocolate strawberries for desert. Play classical music and decorate in black and white...or go sexy and decorate in deep reds.Happy planning! For more info, visit Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages