I Want to be a Man

30/10/2011 11:14

If you want to be a man whom woman wants, there may be many things that you can do. I am not an attractive man myself but I have found some techniques that you can use in order to get girl's attention. If I can do it, you can also do it too. If you are interested to know more, take a look at I Want to be a Man. The tips on being the man whom woman wants include:1 Be smart and witty. If you are intelligent, the girl will want you more. You may say that you don't have a degree so you can not be intelligent. That is not true. With some studying, everybody can be intelligent. It doesn't matter if it is a formal education. Read more and learn more, you will be more attractive. If you don't know much about a particular thing, just shut your mouth. Don't say anything that you don't know and you will look smarter.2 Be good looking. It doesn't matter how your genetic is. You can be good looking by your cleanliness and your dresses. They do not have to be expensive but you will know when you are selective about your clothing.3 Have a sense of humor. Women like to be around with the people who have sense of humor. Make sure that you use a proper one. If you can make people laugh, you are on your way of being the guy that woman likes and wants.4 Create the power within you. Be a leader. Build your self esteem by doing what you are supposed to do. Be confident in what you do. Take control of your life as well as be responsible for whatever happens. Your image will glow over others if you have this quality.5 Keep your good reputation. Treat everyone well and you will earn what you deserve. I have seen many guys who are nice only with the girls they like. To others, they are as stink as a skunk. In the end, girls talk to one another. They will know from bad reputation and they will stay away from the guy.6 Understand others. Psychology has a lot to do with this quality here. You will need to know what others want and understand other people. Woman likes to be understood so is everybody else. If you develop all these qualities, you will be definitely needed by woman. For more info, visit I Want to be a Man.