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There are a number of HGH products and supplements being sold today. The occurrence of HGH in supplement form stems from the fact that the human growth hormone is a key hormone that controls various functions in the body. Tracing the history of HGH supplements, the first ever form of production containing this hormone was produced in the 1950s. Back then, HGH could only be taken from human cadavers. Not many people had access to HGH due to its expense and its need for close medical attention during administration.If you are interested, check out HGH. However, thanks to efforts from the pharmaceutical industry, synthetic HGH formulas have been created as well as HGH enhancers. These products are being marketed worldwide and sold over the counter. There are various HGH products available and they come in various forms, which include: Oral Sprays
These oral sprays either contain homeopathic amounts of HGH or HGH releasers. Examples of these are Sytropin and Z-tropin which come in spray or dropper formulas that get easily absorbed under the tongue. They serve similar functions, which include increasing energy, heightening metabolism and promote anti-aging, among many others.HGH in Capsule or Pill Form
HGH products such as GenFX, GenF20 and HGH Energizer come in capsule form. They have been thoroughly tested by their respective companies to be effective and safe for consumption. These products also have the same functions as that of oral sprays or liquid dropper HGH products: for anti-aging, increasing energy and improving sexual performance. HGH in Cream Form
HGH creams are applied externally. They are rubbed onto the skin. These products are being promoted to be useful to fight aging signs mostly on the skin, such as to fight wrinkles, discoloration, sagging, and many others. Although the main function of HGH cream is to improve skin quality, it is also said to provide other benefits like increasing energy and improving vitality.HGH in Powder Form
HGH products in powder form are usually releasers, although some contain homeopathic formulas. HGH releasers usually contain amino acids that can encourage the production of the  human growth hormone . These powders are taken mixed with a cold drink and consumed orally. Aminos Powder and Maxi-HGH Powder are examples of HGH releasers in powder form.HGH Injectables
Most over the counter products today are HGH releasers which are intended to enhance the natural production of HGH in the body. However, note that other products actually contain limited amounts of the hormone and are being sold as homeopathic remedy. Concentrated doses of HGH are not sold over the counter, but only available if you have a prescription from a medical practitioner. These concentrated formulas are administered through injection into the blood, and are usually for treating conditions such as Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Adolescent Height Deficit, Turner's Syndrome, Cachexia, and other conditions. There are various HGH products and supplements available today. Although they come in various forms, they usually are intended for the same purposes: anti-aging, increasing lean muscle, weight loss, increasing energy and stamina, improving sexual drive and performance, improving skin quality, and many others.For more details, visit HGH.