Guitar Lessons

06/10/2011 15:41


How long have you been teaching and approximately how many students have you taught during that time? Could you tell me about your teaching experience? 
Keep in mind at least three to five years of teaching experience is preferred. Always prefer a teacher who has taught guitar lessons to a moderate to large number of students. This is because, it takes time for a teacher to truly learn how to teach well, and the main way that someone learns to teach is by teaching for a while. 
If you go with a new teacher with less experience, you´ll probably become part of their learning process instead of getting the most out of yours. New teachers are still learning how to teach on the job by trial and error. They need time to learn how to teach, and are likely to make some mistakes in the beginning of their careers. That´s why you don't want to be one between those first thirty to fifty 
2) Do you teach private lessons or group lessons? 
This is a very important question to ask to evaluate what you will be getting for the guitar lessons you´ll be paying for. It is our advice to take private lessons at first, unless you already have some basic knowledge or are enrolled in a college music course. Believe us, you will learn a lot more about playing the guitar in a one-on-one private lesson. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Guitar Lessons.  
3) What styles of music do you teach best? 
Make sure you ask this question before telling the prospective teacher what style of music you want to learn. A lot of teachers claim to teach all styles well. Beware of this. Do not be impressed by someone who tells you that he or she can teach every style of music well. 
If you really want to be a great rock guitarist, take lessons from a rock teacher. Find yourself a good rock teacher. If you want to learn multiple styles of music that are not similar (like country, classical and heavy metal) take lessons from more than one teacher for each of those styles. Finding a music academy rather than just one teacher may be a good idea to get all styles covered. At Music for All Inc, for instance, we offer guitar lessons for different styles since 2002. Our lessons are customized to fit your needs and you get variety of teachers to choose from in the same place and under the leadership of renowned founder Dr. Hernán Zapata. 
Excellent teachers are in demand and usually already have a lot of students. These teachers often are not cheap. Also, there are a handful of teachers offering online guitar lessons for students who do not live in the same state or country as the teacher. Usually these lessons are less expensive in the long run. There are some good affordable options out there, just don't look for the teacher with the lowest rates; you usually get what you pay for. If you can't afford to pay the higher rates for a really good teacher, you may want to consider asking the teacher if you can take lessons on a bi-monthly basis instead of taking weekly lessons. 
5) Can you tell me how you teach the lessons? 
This is probably the most important question you can ask a teacher. The answer to this question can help you determine if a teacher is right for you, because this is actually the hardest one to answer. Why? Simply because, not even the best teacher on Earth could answer this question if that teacher knows nothing about you, your goals, your playing level or your knowledge of music theory. If you´re in front of a good teacher, expect a lot of questions from them before they try to answer this. If you have had guitar lessons before, he/she might even ask you to play a little bit in front of them. 
Looks like you now know what to look for and are ready to go find the right guitar teacher for you. Drop by our website to learn what we have to offer you! For more detailed information, visit Guitar Lessons