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17/09/2011 17:57


Getting a good domain name is very important in starting a website, as it will essentially be the face of your website.You want one that is short, easy to remember, and let's people know what your website is about before they even visit it. One problem, though, is that as more websites are made less and less quality domain names are available.There are still quality names out there, however, and here are some methods you should take to get one:1)Expiring Domains. There are tons out there that have already been registered. Many times the owners either accidentally let their domain names expire, or they let them expire due to lack of interest or use for them anymore. This can be a good method for getting quality domain names because sometimes they already have backlinks and PageRank from the previous owner. There are many websites which will alert you of expiring domain names and some will even instantly register them for you when they become available.2)Domain Auctions / Sales.  If you are interested, take a look at Get the Domain Names at Exclusive Prices. There are many websites and forums out there where users sell their domain names. This can also be a good method of getting quality domains because like with the expiring domains, these domains could also have been developed, have backlinks, and have PageRank. You may end up paying more money for a name with this method, because the sellers usually are looking to make a profit. You can also sometimes buy the whole, fully-developed website which could save you tons of time and make the increased price worth it.3)Domain Naming Websites. If you decide not to buy a used name and you want something original, you may decide to go with a domain naming service. Essentially you tell them what criteria you are looking for in a domain name, and they come up with a list of available domains that fit your criteria.4)Name Your Own Domain. Naming your own domain is very easy. You basically just have to go to a registrar such as GoDaddy, type in a domain name to see if it's available, and purchase the it if it is available. The trick is registering a quality name.Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when naming your own domain:Keep it short (1-2 words, 3 at the absolute max)
 Try to get a domain name that includes main keywords for your website
 Keep the dashes to a minimum (1 or 2 at the max. Any mor than that and your website looks "spammy")
 If the domain you want is taken, try using synonyms for the words in the domain.
 Try and stick to the main domain types (.com, .org, .net). I would use the others as last resort options, because they always seem to give a "spammy" look as well.With all of this information in mind you should be able to find a good quality domain name for your website! For more info, visit Get the Domain Names at Exclusive Prices.