Get Him Back

14/10/2011 16:32


We've all been there at one time or another. The relationship we thought would last forever has come screeching to a stop. Without warning, or was there one we missed, we are alone and left wondering what went wrong. 
 The first thought of course is how to get them back. Believe it or not, breaking up with the one you love can be reversed. Probably the most important step in getting your ex back is to figure out exactly what caused it. I know...a "duh" moment, but important nonetheless. The number one aspect to learn from is: learn from your mistake, chalk it up to experience and work to correct whatever behavior led up the the split. It sounds quite juvenile but taking the time to consider what behavior of yours made your ex go in the opposite direction is key to getting back together. If you are interested, check out Get Him Back
 Of course you will need to get in touch with your ex to find out what happened to send them packing. Real important here is to not to come off as needy or whiney. We feel that we can't live without them, but don't say this. It comes off as being needy. Be completely calm when talking to your ex...behave strong and confidently and it will show your ex that you are comfortable being alone, even though your heart may be cracking at that moment. 
 A big warning here - don't be immature and try to make your ex jealous by sounding off that you've already picked up with another partner. That will probably cause the phone to slammed down in your ear, or if meeting in person...your ex would just turn and walk away and you are done, finished, kaput...with no hope of winning them back. 
 Behave maturely, inquire gently as to why they decided to split and again behave maturely with their answer. If they see that you can handle what's happened and you don't act like a pure jerk afterwards, they may begin reconsidering the breakup. It's happened a million times and could just happen for you, too. 
 Now something that goes against what you may feel - it may be best, for the time being anyway, to leave your ex alone. Keep any communication to a minimum. This allows your ex time to think about the relationship and helps to keep the mind working on the relationship without any physical involvement. They just may see the value in your relationship and decide it may be worth renewing. 
 Let the ex see how mature and confident you are with yourself and the breakup situation and odds are they will begin to see you in a new light. Don't stay at home and stew over the breakup. Call up your friends, go out, be sociable. Chances are that you'll run into your ex sooner rather than later. Behave as an adult, be cordial to your ex and you just may get that phone call you've been hoping for. It's not impossible to get back together especially when you have given the other space to breathe and think about what brought you together in the first place. 
 Stranger things have happened in life. Just hang in and hope for the best!  For more info, visit Get Him Back.