Forex Club

20/09/2011 18:06


Just a quick note about the benefits of involving yourself in some kind of a Forex Trading Club. In my view, one of the greatest obstacles that individual Forex traders face is that they trade alone, they may even study Forex alone. The reality is that there is too much to study and too many errors to make if you are going through this process all on your own. You might end up taking your whole life to figure it out--or at least a good number of years. The answer is in the word "collaborative", both in taking on the learning curve and in the trading itself. 
 Consider this, if you take the time to examine each aspect of the forex market individually, then take the time to apply each part into your trading until you find the method, it can literally take years. As opposed to studying in a group environment, led by an experienced Forex coach, (such as myself), then you are able to cut out a majority of the fluff information that is not important in the overall picture; you can profit from what others have learned without going through the tedious process yourself. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Forex Club
 The same rule applies to your active trading, both in a Forex demo account or in a live account. When you trade in a forex trading club, you should expect these benefits: 
 You are much less likely to place emotional trades, because other club members or coach will help you see clearly. 
 You will be led to trades that you could have missed, because you were busy or watching a different chart. 
 You can test different strategies with a collaborative viewpoint and gain from the group's experience on it. 
 You can learn to apply the tools, techniques, and strategies you have researched from watching your Forex coach or fellow club members analyze it. 
 Your trading mates in the club will sustain & motivate you and help everyone do better in the long run. 
 We especially like the money we make by placing the trades we locate as a group during the club, or throughout the week on Skype. 
 There are other benefits I am sure -- let's see which ones you realize when you visit a Forex trading club. 
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