Forest Vance

31/10/2011 20:46

Fitness boot camps are a hot - and for good reason. Among other things, you can get a great, efficient workout in a relatively short amount of time, they're more fun than traditional gym workouts, and the accountability of working out with a group is a big plus, too. Whether you run a fitness boot camp yourself or you're looking for some ideas for your own workouts, here are three fresh ideas to add some variety to your routine:

1. Have 'themed' days

Make things fun for campers and yourself by having 'themed' workout days - challenge workouts, workouts where you focus on a certain body part, or even basing a workout around a current event can add fun and variety to your boot camp workouts.If you are interested to know more, take a look at Forest Vance. For example, I recently had a day where, during the weekend of the NFL draft, we did some football-style warm-up and and agility drills. Or we might do an 'abs month' where we focus workouts for the entire month on blasting the abs. The idea is to keep things fun for your campers and to create an experience!

2. Add games and challenges into the mix

Have a quick relay race, or have campers pair up and do a mirror drill. Be creative in getting your campers to interact with each other. Something to break the monotony of everyday exe rcise is always appreciated.

3. Change things up

People come to your camp get a great workout, but they also come to have fun! So again, create a memorable experience and keep them coming back for more. Having a great time is what it's all about.

So there you have three boot camp exercise ideas to mix things up, have a little more fun and to keep your campers coming back for more. Good luck with your workouts! For more details, visit Forest Vance.