Flowers Wholesale

09/11/2011 17:07

Wholesale flowers are a large industry in the United States and elsewhere throughout the world. Over 5,000 species of commercially grown flowers exist in the world today. Half are used for sale in supermarkets, florist shops and local wholesale stores. Do you know some of the flowers sold today. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Flowers Wholesale.


Many of the bulk flowers grown today are roses. Red roses in particular are a top seller, especially during the Valentine Day holiday where individuals buy bulk roses for their significant other. White roses are next, and these become popular for weddings where white conveys a sense of purity.

Gerbera daisy flowers are another popular variety that is grown by farms around the world. Their tall green stems and bright petal colors reflect a sense of happiness and joviality. Yellow, red, orange, white and purple are among some of the colors that these playful cultivars are grown as.

Tropical orchids are grown in temperate climates and exported throughout the world for use in multiple applications. They are used for wedding centerpieces, bridal bouquets, vase displays and pew markers. Over 100 species of cut orchids are available at any one time and are known as dendrobium, mokara, vanda, and cymbidium. Many beautiful colors are available for these proud flowers.

Like roses, garden roses have recently made a comeback throughout the continent. Garden roses are available in a multitude of colors and many varieties emit a sweet perfume that many find beautiful. Cabbage roses are another name for these unique and beautiful flowers, and brides find garden roses applicable for use in their bridal bouquets.

Calla lilies and mini callas are hugely popular for weddings. These tall, proud flowers come in several colors though white are the most asked for due to their use in bridal bouquets. Look for pink, yellow, lavender and orange species as well in the mini version. Many other colors are available and are used in centerpieces and other floral arrangements.

Many other flower varieties exist that are used for weddings and special events. These include the extravagant gardenia and white stephanotis which are used for hair decor. Chocolate cosmos are also popular for their chocolate scent, although a petite flower.

Finally, wholesale lilies are a favorite among all for their lovely colors and petals. The Stargazer flower, an oriental lily, is a perfect flower to use for its bright pink petals and sweet perfume. This flower has recently increased in price throughout the industry due to its growing demand yet limited supply. A definite winner, Oriental and Asian lilies will continue to be asked for by many florists and floral wholesalers.

Sandra Peters is a celebrated florist operating out of her floral shop in Dayton, Ohio and writes regularly on the state of wholesale flowers in the industry. Tammy's expertise is also well known for her work on growing wholesale roses which are popular for weddings and special events. For more info, visit Flowers Wholesale.