Find Old Friends

13/09/2011 02:15

Sooner or later all of us start to think about finding those old friends who are no longer in our life. They could be old school friends, ex lovers or missing relatives. The big question is how the heck do we try to trace them.We could spend days or weeks trying to go through traditional channels like school records, employment records or even trying military records. Not to mention the cost of countless phone calls and hours spent trawling through physical records.One of the big problems we face when trying to do a search for a person is the fact that they may have got married or just changed their name. This does happen especially if people are trying to start a new life. If you are interested, check out Find Old Friends. When this happens it can make tracing people quite difficult.No longer do we have to do things like hiring private detectives in order to find people because of the internet. This has dramatically changed the way we now search for people online.Do try to spend a few moments thinking about the person you're trying to find and try to recall any details you can about their personality, like nicknames, favourite songs, maybe even try to remember a middle name or where they were born and date of birth. If you know this it will also help you with your search.The obvious place to start searching is probably Google so go ahead and type their name into the search box, also try their nickname and any other variation of their name that you can think of. The big problem here though is that unless they have a particularly high-profile on the internet then they are not going to show up in Google's results. To see what I mean by this, just try typing your own name into Google. If you have a web presence you will show up in the results, if you don't you won't. However if you have been in the newspapers or anything like that then there is a good chance you will get picked up by the search engines..Anyway back to finding our old friends, if you are not having much success with the name then try adding the name of the town where you think they may live or have worked, and see if this works.If you are not having any look here then try a search on Facebook or MySpace and see if anyone with a similar name has registered there. It is particularly helpful to search by a persons nickname at these sites because people do tend to hang on to these for most of their lives. If all these fail you then the best thing to do is use one of the specialised people search engines. If there name is the same then they will be found using these, although most of them require you to pay a fee.  For more detailed information, visit Find Old Friends