El Paso Home Builders

11/09/2011 19:39


When you are in search for a new home in the heart of El Paso, you would want a really good area, superb value and a floor plan to fit to your lifestyle. You may also look for a home builder who is known for putting up quality El Paso homes. You need not look any further, for CareFree Homes is a home builder for every kind of lifestyle, and it comes along with a good reputation for innovative design, quality construction and location that is convenient for you. If you are interested, check out El Paso Home Builders
CareFree Homes builds and enhances internal and external features in El Paso homes that reflect lifestyles in the modern times-”from appeal of the curb outside, to the feel, comfort and function of the home on the inside. Our plans have a good sense of traffic and space flows easily from one room to another. It begins with a good design and is compensated with a wide diversity in included festures and standard finishes. This we know as -œaffordable luxury-. 
At CareFree Homes, we build more than the structure that are seen in El Paso homes. We also build communities wherein you get to forge lifelong friendships. In the past twenty years, we have built countless El Paso homes in the area-”homes that are built with value and quality by a company based on excellence and integrity. That's a community only CareFree homes can give. Let us build your own among the El Paso homes in one of the communities. 
CareFree Homes was established by George D. Thomas, an El Paso native. After finishing school from UTEP, George built a home for his family that was growing at the time. His designs and construction have impressed his friends, and with this they began asking him to build homes for their own families. He always makes sure that he uses the space effectively and does his best to create homes that are aesthetically pleasing, using high-quality materials at very reasonable prices. 
Thousands of families had had their dream El Paso homes come true with the efforts and creativity of George. He became the instrument in giving well-made, attractive homes for El Paso families that's within the range of their means. He always questions the traditional designs and produced innovative ones with unique design features. These designs are one of a kind and have withstood the test of time. To recognize his work, George's designs have been used by many developers in El Paso. For more detailed information, visit El Paso Home Builders