Daniel Fast

29/10/2012 07:23


Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world to honor mothers and motherhood. We all will unanimously agree that mothers are the best gift the God has given us and they play the most important role in our lives. Across world, mother's day is celebrated on various days. The date of the mother's day falls in the months of March, April or May. In most of the countries the mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. If you are interested to know more, check out Daniel Fast. Going by this tradition, Mother's Day 2013 is going to fall on 12th May, Sunday. On this day, people across the world recognize the hard work our mothers do and the various contributions they make to our families and societies. This internationally celebrated day has its modern origin in the year 1908 though the celebration used to happen in the ancient Greece and Rome. 
 Thousands of years ago, the Greeks and Romans used to have festivals name Cybele and Hilaria which were the celebration of motherhood. Even in the earlier times, the Christians used to have the Mothering Sunday celebration. With time, the name and format of the celebration of mother's day must have changed but the actual mission and the essence of the celebration remain the same. The modern mother's Day celebration started in America when Anna Jarvis, a lady in Virginia, had informal celebration for mothers in Virginia on this day. After President Woodrow Wilson signed a law , Mother's Day became an official holiday in the year 1914. 
 Like every year, mothers Day 2013 is going to be the holiday in USA that is highly commercialized. Mother's Day is the day when we pay respect to the maternal bonds and depicts our love and respect for our mothers. Mothers from all over the world can take trouble to any extent in order to protect their children from any odd. On mother's Day, it is a common practice to bring presents and cards for mothers. Those who cannot meet their mothers on this day call their mothers and even send gifts and cards through mails. For more info, visit this site.