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09/10/2011 11:30


Still relatively unspoiled but fast becoming a popular destination is the Central American country of Costa Rica. Geographically diverse, the country is a mix of stunning mountain ranges, verdant rain forests, protected national parks and long stretches of tropical beaches. In short, there's something for everybody - from adventure sports to ecotourism, volcano climbing to just chilling out on a beach. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Costa Rica Travel.
Natural wonders apart, Costa Rica also has a choice of quality hotels and resorts, interesting tours and trips and warm and friendly people. The locals are fondly called Ticos, and they love introducing visitors to their beautiful country. The best time to visit Costa Rica is in the dry season from December to April, though the country has its own charm in the wet months as well. The tropical climate with an average temperature of 72°F is comfortable, though it can get cooler up in the mountains. 
The capital San Jose has a vibrant nightlife and will appeal to city slickers looking for a chance to unwind in classy restaurants and lively bars. The cosmopolitan city also offers a choice of museums and theatres, and many visitors don't move out of the city to experience the rest of Costa Rica at all. But the real beauty of this little country is in its lush forests, rugged mountains, deep blue oceans, and many active volcanoes. Whether you're looking for a great surfing experience or just want to commune with nature and wildlife, Costa Rica offers up some incredible options.
Travelers wishing to enter Costa Rica require a valid passport, and while no shots are required, it's a good idea to take precautions against at hepatitis. The local currency is colon and can be exchanged at banks, hotels and the airport, though U.S. dollars and major credit cards are accepted in most establishments. The best way to get around Costa Rica is by road. Take a bus or rent a car, but make sure you are insured before you venture out. Spanish is the official language but you can get by with English.
Known to be one of the safest and least corrupt countries in the area, Costa Rica is a wonderful introduction to life in Latin America.
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