Chiang Mai Real Estate

22/10/2011 15:08


Chiang Mai is a wonderful place for families, retirees or single people. It is an expanding area with all facilities such as schools, hospitals, public transport, supermarkets and shopping joined with the extraordinary mountain loveliness of the historical city, usually known as The Rose of North. The people of Chiang Mai still embrace the magnificent traditional Thai Nature which has made this a well-liked country for both holidaying and living. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Chiang Mai Real Estate.
Renting is very simple for either condominiums or the houses and easy to setup, perfect for short or long term stay. You can choose from a wide variety of houses and condominiums according to your need. They vary from studios to four bedroom lavishness. There will be variation in the cost superiority and advantages. By and large you will get your moneys worth.
The tourists will simply love the most special Chiang Mai city. The combination of breezy mountains coupled with flamboyant sunny days makes Shangri la will make it the most sought after place for many years to come. The weather in the north of Thailand also varies in the rainy season as well, nonstop rainfall is quite unusual. There will usually be heavy downpour during the day for about thirty minutes to an hour but gets dried as soon as sun rises.
There are a lot of immigrant in Chiang Mai usually estimated to be roughly around 5000. You will find Chiang Mai more enticing than Bangkok. The Maenam valley is a plateau though one can still revel in the forest mountains that flounce northwards to Burma. You will be quite delighted to see the hill tribals clothed in multi hues trying to pitch their handicrafts to the passersby. The city centre of Chiang Mai is completely secured with a palisade which even Bangkok does not have.
Bangkok is so difficult discern than Chiang Mai. Motorcycling, walking and bicycling are sensible options to driving. Get yourself the tuk tuks that are accessible there. In fact, a comparatively efficient system of songtaews runs a kind of shared service around larger Chiang Mai. You can get hold of one as easily as a cab service. For those lovely moments you find a whole lot of restaurants on the river bank of the Maenam Ping the Ping River of Chiang Mai.
For those with health concerns, there is even a strong stress on healthcare as well, as Chiang Mai has a number of quality hospitals comprising of the Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai Ram plus McCormack Hospital.
One can expect to get at least a bit from Chiang Mai. It is a combination of all the features required for a better living like good routine simple living cultural diversity and also cheap housing. Indeed, buying or renting a house in Chiang Mai can allow you to enjoy a fulfilling and tranquil lifestyle. For more info, visit Chiang Mai Real Estate