Candle Making Kits

30/10/2011 08:57

Candle making as a craft and hobby has been around for sometime but has seen a significant rise in its popularity in the last 10 years. This can be largely attributed to three developments, candle making kits, soy wax and gel candles.Firstly, candle making kits of many types are now widely available, ranging in cost from under $20 to over $50 depending on the quantity and type of wax and the amount of equipment provided. I personally feel that to go for the cheapest to begin with may not be the best option as the results obtained can be disappointing, thus putting the enthusiast off at the start. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Candle Making Kits. This is analogous to someone with an interest in astronomy buying a cheap telescope and then being disappointed with the images produced, resulting in the telescope being put in a cupboard, never to be used again.The advantage of buying a candle making kit is that everything you need is in one place, the equipment, the materials and the instructions so you can get started straight away. The instructions can be a simple printed sheet but the more expensive kits often include a DVD which has the advantage of allowing you to see an actual candle being made.Secondly, since the 1990s, a new type of wax has been available which has many advantages over the traditional paraffin wax and the much more expensive beeswax. Soy wax, made from soybean oil, is produced in large quantities in the USA, Brazil and India.Unlike paraffin wax, Soy wax burns without producing black soot or other irritants making it ideal for people with respiratory ailments and being a natural, replenishable resource soy wax is considered eco-friendly. It also has a low melting point making it easier to handle but with the proviso that, especially in hot climates, these candles are better kept in containers where they can't sag.Soy wax has no natural aroma and is therefore well suited for scented candles and being in a container can carry a higher amount of essential oil than petroleum-based candles. Another big advantage for the hobbyist is that soy wax can be cleaned up with water and detergent and the utensils used can be put through the dishwasher.Thirdly, a gel is now available which can be used instead of wax for candle making and is also obtainable in kit form. Gel candles are transparent, allowing candle makers free-reign in exploring the endless artistic possibilities that this provides, such as imitation fish tanks or preserved flowers.I'm sure that candle making will continue to be a popular pastime for years to come and some may take it a step further, sourcing their supplies from wholesalers and selling their candles commercially. For more info, visit Candle Making Kits.