Candle Making Kits

12/11/2011 19:13

There are a wide variety of candle making kits on the market. If you have never made a candle, a kit is a great way for you to start out in the craft. Using a kit ensures that you have the proper materials and instructions for producing candles.Kits vary from simple rolled beeswax candles to more involved tower candles. For instance, a soy pillar candle kit comes with enough supplies to make 3 candles that are 3 inches by 4 inches. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Candle Making Kits. The cost is about $30. With the kit you get the wax, pillar mold, wick, fragrance oil, coloring, and instructions. You are given choices of two colors, two fragrances, and a choice of one mold. The kit details will vary based on where you purchase your kit.Usually the kit has optional selections for utensils you might need, such as thermometers and melting pots. With a few of these items, your 3 candles will cost you about $20 each. That's a pretty expensive candle.The main reason for using a kit route is to try out something to see if you want to pursue it further. That is better than paying out a lot of money to get enough material to be able to make many candles, only to find that you hate candle making.None of the kits contain everything you will need to be a successful candle maker. The reasons for this have to do with what equipment you choose to use. Everyone agrees that the best way to melt wax is in a double boiler, but every novice candle maker doesn't have one. If you aren't sure you want to continue making candles, you may not want to invest in the boiler. You may have some sauce pans that you can make work for the one or two times you make candles.If you are planning on getting a kit for hand dipped candles, you will need a tall pot to put the wax in to do the dipping. This might be the type pot that you don't own. If it were included in the kit price, you probably wouldn't want to pay for the kit.The best idea for buying a kit is to find the least expensive one. That would be one that contains small quantities of materials and no utensils. After you receive the kit, read the instructions and decide what equipment you will need to buy or borrow. Determine, when you buy any equipment, if it can be used for something else, should you decide not to pursue candle making further.Candle making kits are certainly not the most inexpensive way to make candles. However, for a one time attempt in candle making, they do give you the opportunity to try your hand at something new.After you make your initial candles using a kit, you will have a much better idea about what is involved in candle making, and you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision as to whether or not continued candle crafting is right for you. For more info, visit Candle Making Kits.