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14/09/2011 09:21


Taking pictures is a wonderful pastime. Ever think about making money with them? It would be great if you knew how to sell photos online. Together we can find out how. Looking at the quality of your photos, who is buying them, where to post the photos, and how to post them, sounds like a good way to learn how to sell photos online.Only your highest quality photos will sell on the internet. Photographs or images that can be licensed for specific uses, are known as "stock photographs", and that is what you will be selling. Photos with digital noise are undesirable for buyers. Noise is caused by under-exposure, long exposures, over-processing, and high iso. Only photos that are crisp, clear, well lit, and well composed will sell on the web. If you are interested, take a look at Buy Images. A high resolution format is also best. What you shoot is important. You can keep your vacation pictures in your computer file, only pull out the really good photos. You will want to shoot photos of animals, people, landscapes, objects, buildings, and events that a wide variety of media will want to buy. Now that you have chosen the photos to sell, you need someone to buy them. Those people will be art directors, graphic artists, book publishers, and ad agencies. Marketing pros who make websites, and marketing brochures round out the group. They are all working on something that needs photographic content. When shooting and choosing your photos to sell, you should try to keep that in mind. As the people who buy your photographs don't get exclusive rights to them , you can sell a good shot many times over.  
There are two basic choices when it comes to where to post your photos. You can construct your own website and display your shots there. Although you will maximise your profits by selling them yourself, it will be a lot of work. You will need to burn cd's to send to your buyers, and have some e-commerce/business experience.The easier way is to post your photos on sites that are already set up for buying and selling stock photography. Sites like shutterstock, istockphoto, fotolia, shutterpoint, and dreamstime, are just some of them. Browse through some of these sites and get an idea as to how things look, and work. It will also help to give you an idea of the quality you will need in your photos to compete for the buyers. For most of them you can just look around, but some you may need to register for. Just fill out the form and see what you need to do to get your photos on the site. Now its time to start uploading your photographic files.Uploading to these sties is done in three different ways. Most stock photography sites will have a simple web upload form. This is the most common way. You just simply browse and upload from your computer. Some of the sites will want you to use the ActiveX/Java uploading system. If you don't have these applications you can download them from your web browser. The third way is to use the FTP ( File Transfer Protocol )software. This is the easiest way as all you need to do is drag and drop your files from your computer to their server. The most popular FTP is Filezilla. This can also be downloaded from the web.Now you know how to sell photos online. Its time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Or you can get back out there and keep on clicking that shutter for the next round of stock photos to upload! Remember, this started out as a fun KEEP HAVING FUN!  For more detailed information, visit Buy Images