Buy and Sell Sites

17/10/2011 16:05


There's a new market in town and it's full of investors and developer who buy and sell websites, trading new and established sites for short terms gains or long term profits.So what's it all about? Website owners advertise websites for auction, listing a minimum bid price. Buyers then have the opportunity to bid on the auctions for a period of up to 30 days. Once an auction has been won, the successfull bidder and seller negotiate the transfer of the domain name and website hosting.So how do you get involved? If you are interested, check out Buy and Sell Sites. If you want to buy and sell websites, you usually fall into one or many of the following categories:
Start Up Website Sellers Web designers and developers who register a domain name in a particular niche, develop a small website usually based on a publishing platform such as Wordpress, then add some original content. These sites are usually no more than 6 months old, have low traffic and little or no revenue. These sites will usually sell from $100 - $500.
Established Website Sellers Website owners who sell established websites. These sites may or may not have revenue history, usually has unique content and ranks well in search results for certain search terms.
Investors Investors usually buy established websites with a history of monthly revenue, valuing sites as you would value a business. Once they've purchased a website, they will look to continue to grow and improve the site's revenue.
Start Up Site Buyers Start up site buyers are usually looking for a quick entry into a potentialy profitable niche. Buying a start up site takes the work out of finding a niche, registering a domain and setting up a basic site. Essentially it's a shortcut to market. These buyers may get the site up to a respectable earnings level then flip the site (resell it) and realise a profit.
If you're new to the market, work out which category you fall into. You might be a website developer with some spare time looking to make some extra cash by selling ready made packages. You may be an investor looking to invest in virtual property. In either case, take the time to learn about the market and do you due diligence before you buy and sell websites. For more info, visit Buy and Sell Sites.