Bulk Golf Balls

11/09/2011 20:54

Are you a beginning golfer or trying to break into the sport? If you're new to the game you'll surely be overwhelmed by all of the golf stuff that's available. One essential piece of equipment is sure to have you in a quandary - golf balls. Yes, visit any pro golf shop and you'll be shocked to find so much variety for such a seemingly simple part of the game. Ask any golf enthusiast and they will tell you there is a huge difference in brand and quality. And, truth be told, there is. Playing golf well means finding a brand that's right for you and some golfers will refuse to play without their favorite brand.If you're just starting out don't listen to other's recommendations until you get your swing and game to a comfortable level. If you are interested, check out Bulk Golf Balls. You're going to lose a lot of balls so don't buy expensive, "must have" brands. All you need to get started are "been around" balls which are balls that have been played but are of no particular quality or brand. They are sold in bulk and contain about 50 to a bag. These are perfect for learning how to hit the ball, and keeping it on the fairway and out of the water and woods. You'll surely go through many so just buy in bulk and pay no attention to quality or brand.Once you stop "slicing" the ball and your practice gets better move up a bit in quality. This doesn't mean you should go for expensive balls but you don't have to buy in bulk either. Think about your skill level compared to the price you're paying for the balls. Estimate how much you'll waste by lost balls. While all practice is necessary and you're bound to lose balls, there's no need to throw away money.After your skill level has increased then it's time to start listening to other golfers. Again some swear by a certain brand but what works great for one may not work well for you. There is some trial and error involved so experiment a little and find the brand that works best for you. There are also some courses that are better for certain kinds of balls so ask around and seek some advice. This is true with you're playing golf in Benidorm or in Canada.A good pro golf shop is sure to have staff that can help you out. Make sure to be honest about your skill level so they can recommend a golf ball brand that makes sense.Golf balls come in a variety of brands and levels of quality. With these tips, you'll be ready to start your practice with balls that match your skill level. For more info visit, Bulk Golf Balls