Brad Fallon

07/11/2011 04:32

Most of the following paragraph is explained below in simple to uhnderstand language. So you guys at FreeIQ should expect a lot more visitors soon once people read this article and see how easy to use FreeIQ really is. A quick note guys please do not go any smaller with the print than that on FreeIQ.

FreeIQ is built by web marketers for web marketers giving you a professional, traffic generating, revenue friendly new media marketplace. It combines the best elements of YouTube, Adwords and Clickbank. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Brad Fallon. You can use the ecommerce resources of Clickbank, as well as a PPC advertising and montization solution. All video is hosted by FreeIQ and it serves unlimited length video clips and video streaming as well as handling PDF's, audio files and any other digital content. It handles payments for all kinds of products and services such as digital, physical, recurring subscriptions and has a 2-tier affiliate program for both referring a sale and creating the content.

This is actually my second signup here at FreeIQ as when I first signed up a few years back the web was not ready for this kind of service and I had a slower PC also plus I lost my password changed & emails amongst other things. Why would I signup again well I was so impressed I signed up after reading a little about the FreeIQ site. Most free stuff you have ridiculous limits FreeIQ is not like that they want to help you promote and make money. Much to my surprise I find the help section very easy to follow and as I mentioned earlier I am impressed. Usually the help section on anything is like working out a jigsaw puzzle, in which I need help finding help, not this one.

NOW if you don't believe me just look at what the people at FreeIQ have to say. The people from FreeIQ say it best much of the useful info below is in the members help section there is even a video from Brad Fallon, CEO.

FreeIQ make it easy to publish content. There are Three Ways to Get Your Content Posted:

 1. Upload it via your web browser   2. Use an FTP program to transfer large files (greater than 100mb)

  3. Send your DVD/CD to Free IQ, and we'll convert it for you. (We accept a wide range of video and audio formats, including MOV, AVI, M4A, MP4, MP3, and WAV.)

FreeIQ More simple.

Do you have knowledge and ideas to share?

Are those ideas presentable in a video or audio format? How about an e-book or an article?

Whatever your choice of media (video, audio, or print), Free IQ is the place to offer (present?) your knowledge to the world. And we'll host your materials and stream them - for free! This is why, when you want to learn more about almost anything, Free IQ is the ideal place to learn from the world's best experts - for free. For more info, visit Brad Fallon.