Brad Fallon

30/10/2011 06:31

What exactly is the best SEO software for Internet Marketing? It is a good question isn't it? Ideally we would be looking for something that would find our niche, our domain, our keywords, allow us to check on the competition and then to review the competing sites and pull together the information into our own better site. Does this exist? If you are interested to know more, take a look at Brad Fallon.

Yes it does and to my knowledge there is more than one way to do this. There are products put out by Brad Fallon formerly of Stompernet, only in this case you will need to buy several pieces of software at great cost to cover all of the above activities. There is also Market Samurai which will do all of the above and then some. This is probably a better solution due to the software being sold outright.

Then there are issues that such software creates. Google for example does not like being interfaced to any bots and there is a real risk that sites using such software can be banned. Therefore the best SEO software is that which runs between our ears! It is safer and more practical to use a manual approach if we want to achieve long term ranking success in Google. The trend is more and more in favor of those that use the manual approach and even while the bots get better at defeating Captcha's so too is Google's software getting better at analyzing the differences between natural posting and that performed by the bots.  


At this point we may well be tempted to throw our arms into the air and admit defeat, however there are other options available to us. There are some extremely helpful private members clubs on the topic best SEO software for Internet Marketing and not just this but every aspect of Internet Marketing is covered within them. The biggest advantage is that being comprised of some of the best Internet marketers on the planet there is a whole load of advice available in the forums.

We have discussed the use of the Best SEO Software for Internet Marketing and found that there is a thin line between what is and is not acceptable to the authorities that exist, this is not just Google but the FTC and others like them around the world. The difficulty of the right use of automation is only going to get harder to see clearly so the best advice is to use our brains. A better way to help us sresolve this is to belong to one of the best Internet marketing members only clubs as only in this type of forum will the most current and accurate data be being discussed. For more info, visit Brad Fallon.