Best Break Up Books

14/10/2011 16:07


A study says around 11% of Indians reported extended bouts of depression due to their breakups and nearly 25% have fallen victim to a major depression episode. On the score, Indians are the more susceptible to feeling down due to their breakups. 
 Once in a person's life, everyone finds his /her perfect person whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live happily ever after. This is their fantasy world. But in the real world, this simply does not exist. Yes people have common interests and therefore develop romantic involvement, but it is a basic common sense that these relationships have a life span and simply cannot last. Romanticism is wonderful in itself, and thus two people can live in heavenly bliss, but it all must come to an end somehow.  If you are interested, check out Best Break Up Books.
 It is not like that every time the story is same. But surely it happens in many lives. Sometimes the unwanted pain is so harsh and cruel that we cannot bear. But most importantly why it happens so. Is there any other definition of love and sacrifice which we cannot fulfil or our interests become changes according to time and situation? It is a bitter truth that more expectation changes the degree of love. 
 The most common reason why couples might break up is money or lack of money. One reason for separation is addiction, whether it is an addiction to drugs, sex, gambling etc., it does affect the relationship. Physical disabilities also occur, but most importantly when two people don't feel attracted towards each other. Finding someone cheating leads to a lack of trust and thus, kills the relationship. 
 Also, another very serious reason to break a relationship is abuse. I suggest you friends please don't abuse your girlfriend, spouse or children. Astrology says that someone who is abusing is playing with fire by letting it go on. Differences in goals, religion, race, incompatible personalities and families also can be the major reasons for breakup. Sometimes we don't want to break our relationship but it happens naturally. Not only because of these reasons but also our stars can be against us. It can be handled wisely
 Everyone goes through life experiencing romantic relationships. But it is rare that one of these relationships span an entire life time. These reasons can range from simply growing apart to finding your partner cheating or simply being too different to be together. These breakups and reasons for them are not meant to scare you away from relationship. I suggest you that you should enjoy relationship, but at the same time identify warning signs and come to me any time. 
 Astrology in my view is not merely abstention from your problems but an active and positive approach to your problems and relations. In astrology, there is a yearning in the hear for peace. Because of the wounds, the rejections-we have received in past relationships; we are frightened by the risks. We discount the dream of authentic community as merely visionary. But there are rules and hope in astrology by which the old wounds are healed. It is the mission to teach the real values of life, to make hope again and again. It is a form of relaxation that encourages the recreation processes. I assure you that astrology has the capacity for taking out infinite pains off your lives.  For more detailed information, visit  Best Break Up Books.