Background Pictures

14/09/2011 09:30


At first we will discuss about converting multiple photos into a single one. There are a lot of techniques regarding to this. But we will discuss about a simple and easy technique. To do this, at first you should have to readjust the levels and brightness of the multiple photos which you want to combine. To know details how it works you may take the help of Internet. 
Then you have to work with your desired photo background. Select all the photos you want to combine and then adjust the layer of the photos. Select your desired layer and paste all the photos you want to combine and paste them in your desired layer. You must remember that the combined photos should identical to look at and one cannot understand that they are different photos. If you are interested, take a look at Background Pictures.
At next step you have to add a layer mask that vanish all the previous layers of the multiple photos. Then by using brush tool adjust the colour if there is any difference in colours. To do this job you have to change your brush size. You must be conscious in this step because this step is your finishing state and it will determine the quality of your work. After adjusting you have to save the photo. This is your desired combined photo.   
Now we will discuss about turning any photo background. Here also have a number of methods for performing this job. But we will discuss about a simple one. At first you will have to duplicate back ground layer. To do this use (Ctrl+J) command for windows. Then you will have to select single column marquee tool. 
In your next step you will have to click image to select a single column of pixels. To do this you have to do a simple click inside your photo and Photoshop will automatically select the pixel you click on. You have to remain careful about selecting of one pixel wide. Then copy the selected pixel into a new layer. Then in your next step you will have to stretch the column inside the photo by using free transform command. Then continue dragging out the pattern until you reach to your desire level. You will have to cover the whole image from left to right. At last you will have to use your free transform command and save the photo. This is your desired photo background. You can do this action in case of multiple photos by using multiple pixels and adjusting layers of your selected photos.  For more detailed information, visit Background Pictures