Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

27/10/2011 12:38


No other American city screams "Bachelorette Party" louder than Las Vegas. This is the city where it is all action all the time, non stop, baby. If you your mind can conceive it, the Vegas can serve it up, glitzier and more gleamed up then you thought possible. If you want a wild and crazy night with bells, whistles and the occasional shower of coins, then Las Vegas is the destination. In fact, it was ranked number one for a Bachelorette party destination in a survey conducted by a popular bride's magazine. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Bachelor Party in Las Vegas.
 There is truly something for everybody in this town. Want to hang out, watch the shows and be entertained? Or do you want to actually be part of the entertainment? Do you want a low key affair, or do you plan to pull out all the stops? There is a something for every taste, for every budget at whatever time of night you would want to get the party rolling. Of course, some of the more popular shows fill up fast, so if there is something specific you would like to see, then make reservations, otherwise, Vegas is the perfect fly by the seat of your pants kind of town. 
 If you are not within driving distance of the Vegas strip, keep the party small and intimate- limit it to two or three of your absolute best friends. In this case, smaller really is better. If you are flying, ask if you qualify for a group discount, and casually mention the upcoming nuptials- (sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you do not).Before you leave your own town, agree on an amount you will gamble with and stick to it, and draw up some preliminary plans. Once you hit town, check into your hotel, freshen up and then get to it, girl! 
 Start the day off right with a meal in one of the countless restaurants in town. You can find something that will cater to every single taste; there truly is something for everybody. If it is still early, take a walking tour, or maybe hit a shop or two for some pre-party shopping. Take your purchases back to your hotel, decide on whether you need a wardrobe change or not and then get the party rolling. (Bachelorette party should not equal drinking your weight in liquor). 
 Take in a show, or dance at a club, gamble in the casinos, it does not matter as long as you are having the time of your life. Finish the night off, or begin the following day with a luxury day at a spa, many hotels offer them onsite. Pamper your party hangover away, and return to your hometown partied out, with silky soft, exfoliated skin and maybe a few naughty secrets about all of your friends! For more info, visit Bachelor Party in Las Vegas